PRO54 Shielding Paint for High Frequency EMF (5 litre)

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PRO54 Shielding Paint is designed for effective shielding of High Frequency EMF including all 5G frequencies, and this paint can also be grounded to shield Low Frequency ELECTRIC fields using the Grounding Set GS3 available on this website.

EMF attenuation: One layer: At a yield of 8 sqm/l: 36 dB (99.97%) at 1 GHz*. Two layers: 40 dB (99.99%) at 1 GHz*. Three layers: 45 dB (99.996%) at 1 GHz*.
*For attenuation at other frequencies, please refer to the attenuation charts.

Features: PRO54 paint is breathable, solvent free, low-emission, and low odour so premises can be re-occupied quickly.  This paint has a very good adhesive strength of 12.1 N/mm² on most surfaces. PRO54 contains a high proportion of carbon fibers and the dried surface is hard and non-staining. PRO54 paint is classified as “not easily flammable” (class B1) according to DIN 4102-1. Compared to HSF54 paint, the PRO54 paint has better adhesion, less odour, less staining potential, but less High Frequency EMF shielding per layer.


  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For application on walls, ceilings, and under floors to shield High Frequency EMF from outside sources including 5G frequencies.
  • When used with the Grounding Set GS3, this paint will also shield Low Frequency ELECTRIC fields inside walls.
  • The recommended coverage is 5 square metres per litre of paint to achieve the stated EMF attenuation.
  • This paint can be applied by roller with a pile height of 10 to13 mm, or by airless spraying with nozzles larger than 0.4 mm, or with a brush.
  • When applying this paint onto old coats of paint, or brittle, chalky and absorbent surfaces, first apply GK5 primer to the wall, this will enhance the shielding paint adhesion and performance.
  • For crack bridging and a better grounding it is also recommended to mix in AF3 Carbon Fibre Additive.  AF3 is available on this website.
  • PRO54 paint is electrically conductive and painted surfaces should be grounded.


PRO54 paint is available in 1 litre or 5 litre pails.