Fabric Care and Comparison

Do the shielding fabrics that contain silver use nano silver particles

The silver based shielding fabrics that we offer are made with solid silver. Silver nano-particles are not used.

Can the fabrics that contain silver change colour? 

Yes, the uncoated silver fabrics may show some darkening or colour banding over time, this process is called tarnishing, but unlike rusting, tarnish does not damage the silver, so the shielding function of the fabrics is not affected. Our uncoated silver fabrics are Silver-Silk, Silver-Twin, Silver-Tulle, Silver-Elastic and Goldkind Pro. 

You can minimise tarnish by washing the fabrics only with TEXCARE detergent, as well as keeping the uncoated silver fabrics away from direct sunlight, high humidity, and chemicals like cleaners and fragrances. The fabrics with a coated silver/copper thread (Ultima and Wear) are protected from tarnish.

How should I wash my fabrics

All of our shielding fabrics can be washed safely with TEXCARE detergent on gentle cycle at 30oC. Washed fabrics should be air dried away from direct sunlight, do not tumble dry.

Side-by-side Comparison of the Different Silver Shielding Fabrics