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Our team of certified building biologists come from diverse backgrounds but share a strong dedication to applying the best practices and safe standards of building biology. Building biology is the art and science of studying building structure, geography, electromagnetic fields, and air and light quality that make up the environment of our home or workplace. Factors in the home environment can affect health and well-being. It is our mission to provide support for creating the best environment for good sleep and healthy living.

In 2015, Building Biology Central Ltd launched its unique home visit services which included EMF and Geopathic Stress Preliminary Check, Full Check and Pre-Purchase New Home Search services. The team has since built up valuable experience and a greater understanding of issues common in Hong Kong homes. In 2019 the company expanded its service scope to include Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Customised Solutions Services, and Follow-Up Consultation Services. For details of our offered services please click Home Services or Solution Services.

To take a Building Biology course for interest or for becoming a practitioner, please click Building Biology CoursesTo browse electromagnetic field (EMF) protection and biofield forming products, please click Shop. To learn more about building biology, tips for healthy homes, and the use and comparison of EMF products, please click Learn More for choice of contents. For all inquiries please click Contact Us.  

Eric Walker

Before joining Building Biology Central Ltd as a director, building biologist and bioresonance therapist, Eric had previously managed engineering offices for renewable energy and green building development. He has also worked extensively in the non-profit sector for climate change solutions by forging partnerships among corporate, government and research sectors. Eric holds a Masters in Material Science from the University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor in Geology/Environmental Science from University of British Columbia, Canada.

Bonnie Wong  

Bonnie worked in organising conferences and education courses before joining Building Biology Central Ltd as a building biologist and bioresonance therapist.  She was a training assistant of Courses & Seminars Ltd, a leading professional course provider in Hong Kong.  Bonnie holds a Bachelor in Psychology (First Class Honours) from the City University of Hong Kong.

Jasper Ip  

Before joining Building Biology Central Ltd as a senior technical manager, Jasper focused on research in renewable energy and smart grid development in Asian cities, co-authoring a number of published papers.His experience includes environmental services, corporate training, student workshops, research into policies, building energy codes and recycling, and community services. Jasper was a senior research assistant in the Geography Department of Hong Kong Baptist University. He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Partnership Management from University of Aberdeen, UK, and a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) in Applied Biology from Hong Kong Baptist University.