Solution Services

We not only provide home assessments, but also help with the selection and installation of solutions that address issues with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Geopathic Stress.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

High Frequency EMF shielding

  1. We propose and install shielding solutions to reduce your wireless EMF exposure:
    1) Curtain or translucent drape materials for windows or bed canopies.
    2) Transparent window film.
    3) Shielding paint for walls, ceilings, floors, or any indoor / outdoor surface.
    4) Stainless steel netting for placement under floors, or into plaster or concrete.
    5) Lightweight fleece materials to place in difficult areas such as false ceilings. 
  2. We confirm the high frequency EMF levels BEFORE and AFTER shielding. 
  3. We minimize your exposure to wireless EMF with a step-by-step plan to shield sources in the correct order of importance, and to future-proof your home or office.
  4. Materials can also be supplied to you or your contractor for DIY projects. Please ask us for details. 

Low Frequency EMF Reduction

  • We propose and apply effective solutions to reduce EMF exposure from power networks:
     1) Demand switches to control power circuits on and off automatically.
     2) Shield the electric and magnetic fields with paints, fabrics and special alloys.
     3) Ground and shield power cables in the home. 
  • We confirm the electric and magnetic field levels BEFORE and AFTER shielding, including overnight monitoring to check for intermittent sources.

Geopathic Stress

Duplex Set Placement

  • The Duplex 4 strengthens us to geopathic frequencies and is used when sleeping areas are affected by strong groundwater, geologic fault, and global grid fields. 
  • The E-SMOG and HF rayonators included in this set are amplified by the Duplex 4 to strengthen us to low frequency and high frequency EMF disturbances. 
  • Our building biologists determine a suitable place for the Duplex Set in your home and test the harmonising effect on household occupants where possible. 
    The Duplex Set is sold separately from the placement service. 

Duplex 4 Professional Update

  • In addition to geopathic frequencies, the Duplex 4 Professional has flexible capacity to store other customised frequencies. This allows our building biologists to add and update new frequencies to suit individual needs. 
  • Household occupants (including pets!) are tested for 189 building biology frequencies including fungi, yeasts, pesticides, heavy metals, parasites, and EMF. 
  • Those frequencies that show energetic disturbance in occupants are added to the Duplex 4 Professional for continuous harmonisation.
  • At regular intervals (we suggest every 6 months), the building biology frequencies can be re-tested and new frequencies programmed to keep your family up-to-date with any changes in energetic disturbance.
    The Duplex 4 Professional is sold separately from the update service.