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A1. New Home Search

A1. New Home Search

This is the starting point if you are looking for a healthy place to live. The New Home Search helps you to compare properties and to check if your home layout plans will be challenged by environmental stresses before you invest.


We measure factors that could affect your health, but that you may not see when you visit a new property, such as low frequency magnetic fields from sub-stations, high frequency EMF from neighbours, water damaged walls, and geopathic fields. By measuring before you invest, our service can help you make best use of a property and avoid more costly and disruptive adjustments after moving in.


We recommend to follow up the New Home Search with an upgrade to Full Check after the premises are occupied so that the final layout can be confirmed and additional factors, such as the electromagnetic fields from your own appliances and wireless devices, can be measured.


We can visit up to 3 sites in one morning or afternoon session if time allows.


Remote Site Charge

We will add charges for extra transport costs such as ferry tickets and taxi fares on South Lantau Island based on actual receipts. There will be no extra transport charge for Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories (except for outlying islands). 

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