MCL61 Metal Foil for Shielding Low Frequency MAGNETIC Fields (per metre)

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MCL61 Metal Foil (roll width 61 cm) is designed for shielding low frequency MAGNETIC fields.  MCL61 also shields high frequency EMF and can be grounded to shield low frequency ELECTRIC fields with the Grounding Set GCL available on this website.

EMF attenuation: Single layer30 dB (97%) at 50 Hz* and 70 dB (99.99999%) at 1 GHz*
*For attenuation at other frequencies, please refer to the attenuation charts in one of our pictures.

Features: MCL61 is a very thin (0.1 mm) heavier weight (260 g/m²) foil made from cobalt alloy that is laminated with polyester.  MCL61 is specially designed to attenuate low frequency magnetic fields from 50/60 Hz power sources, it does not shield static magnetic fields such as from structural steel and DC power sources.  Please note for safety that this metal foil is a vapour barrier, it is slippery when wet, and cut edges are very sharp.  Professional installation is highly recommended.

  • MCL61 can be placed on or inside walls, ceilings, and under floors.
  • MCL61 can be applied directly to shield power cables, fuse boxes, and appliances.
  • This foil can be glued into place with a high viscosity adhesive (for example LOXEAL 59-40 clear MS polymer), or clamped between other structural materials.  When glued, the foil surface is difficult to make completely flat and smooth.
  • For use with grounding to shield low frequency electric fields in targeted areas.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.

MCL61 can be purchased by the roll-metre (roll width is 61 cm).  Please enter quantity of metres required (minimum quantity is one roll-metre).