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C1. Full Check

C1. Full Check

The Full Check service includes all the factors measured in the EMF Plus service with the additional assessment of body voltages, static electric fields, and indoor lighting quality. The Full Check consists of one home visit plus a second re-check visit 2 to 4 weeks later to give you comprehensive support for implementing building biology solutions and re-checking previous measurements. For example, we measure electromagnetic field levels before and after EMF shielding materials have been installed, to ensure exposure targets are achieved. Mould levels are also checked twice to help you track improvements of indoor air quality from more optimized ventilation strategies. The Full Check also provides extra time for us to measure the feasibility of new options for your home layout if you want more flexibility.


After completing a Full Check, further Consultation Checks are available to help you track changes in the home or your surroundings, as well as to help you identify and achieve new goals in healthy living during home renovation projects.


Remote Site Charge

We will add charges for extra transport costs such as ferry tickets and taxi fares on South Lantau Island based on actual receipts. There will be no extra transport charge for Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories (except for outlying islands). 

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