SILVER-TULLE Shielding Canopy for Double Bed (box shape)

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This Double Bed Canopy made of SILVER-TULLE fabric is designed for shielding high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) and it can also be grounded to shield low frequency electric fields.  SIlvered hook-and-loop grounding strips are already sewn onto the canopy, and the Grounding Set GV available on this website can be connected to ground the canopy.

EMF attenuation: Single layer: 48 dB (99.998%) at 1 GHz*.
*For attenuation at other frequencies, please refer to the attenuation chart in one of our pictures.

Canopy features: This box shape canopy hangs from four ceiling hooks and is designed to fit over a 220 x 220 cm double bed.  This canopy is 220 cm tall and one side can be opened for easy access to the bed.  This canopy allows the bed to be made easily without removing the canopy since the box shape provides more interior space than a pyramid canopy,  To make a complete EMF shielding environment, custom sized floor mats can be ordered separately to shield EMF from underneath.  We suggest to use SILVER-TWIN fabric for making floor mats.

Fabric Features: SILVER-TULLE fabric is good for canopies because it is air permeable, crease resistant, and stable after many washes.  SILVER-TULLE is a very lightweight (40 g/m²) and highly translucent fabric made from 80% nylon and 20% silver, with a light brown colour.  It can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius on gentle cycle, preferably with Texcare detergent, but should not be ironed.  As SILVER-TULLE fabric is made with uncoated silver, there will be some discolouration but this does not affect the fabric's attenuation performance.

      This double bed box shape canopy includes:

      • One canopy (220 x 220 x 220 cm) made of SILVER-TULLE fabric.
      • 4 cords of 4 metre length to hang up the canopy.
      • 4 carabiners to connect the cord to the canopy top loop.
      • 4 eyebolts to fix into the ceiling.
      • 4 plastic dowels (for 6 mm drill holes) for securing the eyebolts.

      Lightweight rods can be inserted into the pre-sewn sleeves along the top canopy edges for added stability, these are optional and are not supplied.


      Shades, differences in color and batik-style discolorations are not a manufacturing or quality defect. Coating materials in silver follows a special chemical process.  Colour commitment and homogeneity of the silver tone cannot be guaranteed by the manufacturer.  Production-related variations in shades, color and batik-like discolorations are possible. This, however, has no impact on the surface resistance and efficacy of the product and does not constitute grounds for refund or product exchange.