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Geopathic Stress Check

Geopathic Stress Check

Geopathic Stress Check is a home visit service to check if there are geopathic fields that are so strong that they may impact health or lead to poor quality sleep.


Geopathic fields are energetic features found in nature. They include ground water and geological fault fields and global grid fields. We don't fully understand them, but it has been observed that strong geopathic fields can disrupt sleep and lead to health issues. We will use devices operating on the principles of bioresonance to check the strength of ground water fields and geological fault fields. We will also assess the strength and location of global grid fields such as the Benker and Curry grids over beds, and will help to identify better rest areas where needed. We will propose solutions for lessening any harmful effects that might be present.


Remote Site Charge

We will add charges for extra transport costs such as ferry tickets and taxi fares on South Lantau Island based on actual receipts. There will be no extra transport charge for Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories (except for outlying islands). 

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