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RDF72 Window Shielding Film for High Frequency EMF (per metre)

List Price: HK$2,240.00
Home Check Client (HC) 15% Discount*: HK$1,904.00
Solution Services (SS) 20% Discount*: HK$1,792.00

RDF72 window film (roll width 152 cm) is designed for shielding high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) coming through window from outside sources such as mobile telephone towers.  RDF72 window film cannot be grounded.
EMF attenuation: Single layer30 dB (99.9%) at 1 GHz*.  This film should not be double layered to avoid overheating in direct sunlight.
*For attenuation at other frequencies, please refer to the attenuation chart in one of our pictures.

Features: RDF72 window film is transparent with 72% light transmission and provides a reflection-free, undistorted view through the window when properly installed.  The film is thin (75 µm) with a light green colour and it can be removed after installation but it is not re-usable. 


  • RDF72 can be installed on flat clean glass and other similarly smooth surfaces.
  • Mounting concentrate FMK30 is recommended when installing RDF72 window film to allow easy film positioning and bubble removal.  FMK30 is available on this website.
  • A high quality rubber squeegee or plastic scraper is required to remove bubbles during installation.  The FVR10 plastic scraper available on this website is highly recommended for this purpose; the scraper is re-usable for many installations.
  • For indoor use only, on non heat-absorbing glass.

RDF72 window film can be purchased by the roll-metre (roll width is 152 cm).  Please enter quantity of metres required (minimum quantity is one roll-metre).


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  1. *Purchase of biofield products does not count towards the Solution Services (SS) 20% discount eligibility. 
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  3. The Home Check Client (HC) 15% discount and the Solution Services (SS) 20% discount cannot be combined.
  4. The Solution Services (SS) 20% discount is valid for one year.