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Grounding Set GCL

List Price: HK$120.00
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The GCL Grounding Set is designed to ground/earth MCL61 magnetic shielding foil by perforating the polyester laminate to make contact with the inner cobalt alloy metal.  Without grounding, MCL61 foil will shield high frequency EMF and low frequency MAGNETIC fields; with the addition of grounding, MCL61 foil will also shield low frequency ELECTRIC fields.

This MGL grounding set includes:

  • 10 screws (45 mm length)

  • 10 plastic dowels (for 6mm diameter drill holes)

  • 10 chopper disks

  • 10 cable lugs for 1.5-2.5 mm² wire.

Recommended parts:

  • GL grounding wires (2.5 mm²) are available in four lengths (20 cm, 1 metre, 2 metres, and 5 metres) to connect the MCL cable lugs with the potential earth wire of an adjacent power socket.  Connection to be made only by a licensed electrician.

Notes on grounding sets:

  • The connection of a shielding material to ground is for equipotential bonding only, to allow shielding of low frequency electric fields.  The grounding sets offered on this website are not intended to function as electrical safety devices.
  • To shield low frequency electric fields properly, the shielding material must be connected with (preferably) less than 10 Ohms resistance to a reliable ground/earth source, such as the potential earth wire in a power socket.
  • For safety, your home electrical system should also have a functioning earth leakage circuit breaker of less than 30 mA installed (also known as a GFCI or RCD or ALCI).  Please contact a licensed electrician if you are not sure about the condition of your home's electrical system.

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