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WEAR Shielding Fabric for High Frequency EMF (per metre)

List Price: HK$800.00
Home Check Client (HC) 15% Discount*: HK$680.00
Solution Services (SS) 20% Discount*: HK$640.00

WEAR Shielding Fabric (roll width 150 cm) is designed for shielding high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF).  Since the metal threads are coated, WEAR fabric cannot be grounded to shield low frequency electric fields.
EMF attenuation: Single layer30 dB (99.9%) at 1 GHz*.  Double layer39 dB (99.98%) at 1 GHz*.
*For attenuation at other frequencies, please refer to the attenuation chart in one of our pictures.
Features: WEAR is a lightweight (70 g/m²) fabric made from 90% cotton, 9.5% copper, and 0.5% silver.   This soft white cotton fabric is comfortable on the skin and it can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius on gentle cycle, preferably with Texcare detergent, and it can be ironed on low heat (no steam).  WEAR fabric is colour-stable since the copper-silver threads are coated.  However, due to the 90% cotton content, the fabric can shrink up to 3% after washing.
  • Make your own clothes for shielding high frequency EMF.
  • An alternative fabric for making EMF shielding clothing is SILVER-ELASTIC, also available on this website.  SILVER-ELASTIC fabric provides more EMF attenuation but is less comfortable than WEAR fabric for direct skin contact.

    This fabric can be purchased by the roll-metre (roll width is 150 cm).  Please enter quantity of metres required (minimum quantity is one roll-metre).

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    1. *Purchase of biofield products does not count towards the Solution Services (SS) 20% discount eligibility. 
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    4. The Solution Services (SS) 20% discount is valid for one year.